Elliat Rich: between stars and quarks

Rating: All-Ages

Venue is fully accessible

This is a Project Seed event

Elliat Rich: between stars and quarks

Installation by designer Elliat Rich, accompanied by words with Jennifer Mills and sound by Edi Donald.

For 70,000 year humans understood their world through a mythological framework; a complex integration of different knowledge types, fed through observation and shared through story. 2,000 years ago some humans speared off from this world view and introduced a new way of seeing the world and their place in it. Millennia later, those new ideas of hierarchy and atomisation have caused deep damage within and between species and the more-than-human.

With a deep time lens, between stars and quarks is part of Designing Mythology from Elliat Rich – an experiment into the re-making of a mythic scaffold to counter colonial structures, celebrate through wonder and provide an experience of belonging to our planet. between stars and quarks continues the  ‘re-storying’ of ‘Life’, as understood through scientific enquiry, to bring the ‘invisible plains’ of macro and micro knowledges into being through made artefacts and material culture.

The installation will be on show at Megafauna Central in visiting hours through the festival period from Friday 23rd Sept to Sunday 2nd October.

The exhibition is open 10-4pm week days, and 10-2pm on weekends during the festival.