There are a range of levels and options for your business or organisation to sponsor Desert Festival, and have your goods and services promoted to a broader demographic within the Northern Territory and Australia wide! 

The benefits of becoming a sponsor of Desert Festival include: 


Exposure to a broad range of consumers, Territory wide and national media exposure, positive publicity through online platforms including Facebook and Instagram and physical content including program, flyers and public signage.


By supporting Desert Festival, you’re aligning your brand with a well-recognised and respected community event that has served Central Australia for twenty years.  

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact us today to chat about our various sponsorship packages. 


Over 5,300 followers across our social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Core demographic is 25 – 44 years old, secondary demographic is 45 – 64 years old. Majority of followers from Alice Springs and Melbourne, secondary followers from Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin. The festival normally has an attendance of 5000, containing both residents and visitors!   



Promoting your business across our media platforms will enable you to draw more physical and digital traffic, leverage new and established products, build brand awareness and increase profitability.