Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum // Katanga Junior & the Mparntwe Queen // Dem Arrernte Mob // Entropy

Rating: 12+

Venue is partially accessible

This is a Project Seed event

Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum // Katanga Junior & the Mparntwe Queen // Dem Arrernte Mob // Entropy

One ticket, 4 performances!

7pm – Dem Arrernte Mob 

Project Seed Delivery

Dem Arrernte Mob have been working with emerging Indigenous artists to develop a showcase of original music that breathes Central Australian life.

Nooks, Villain and Vito have been assisting local artists to delve into the world of music production,  collaboration and performance. Bringing it all together for this eveningings showcase.

8pm – Entropy 

The second law of thermodynamics states that energy exchanged transforms some of the energy into unusable form. Entropy is the measure of disorder.

BAD GAZE, SPACEDAWG LAIKA + VJ GRRWLZ invite you to explore the beauty and complexity of chaos and order from nature to industry, in a synchronised live multi-sensory audio visual show.

8:40pm – Katanga Junior & the Mparntwe Queen

Katanga Junior is back with a brand new single ‘Mpartnwe Queen’ featuring Wirangu/Kokatha woman Kirra Voller.

Join them as they perform their homage to their desert queen home – her beauty, colour, roughness, harshness and toughness – live for the very first time backed by a full band of Mparntwe musical legends. Expect an hour of incredible music that seamlessly blends Katanga Junior’s East African roots with a fresh new Central Australian sound.

10pm – Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum

One is good with his fingers, the other is good with his mouth.

Beatbox sensation, Tom Thum – best known for the most watched TEDx talk of all time: Beatbox Brilliance – joins forces with bohemian singer-songwriter Jamie MacDowell to create original, genre-defying music that is ‘redefining musical parameters’ (Nouse).

‘Spellbinding talent and intoxicating onstage presence’ ★★★★★ CLIQUE MAG