Rating: 12+

Venue is fully accessible

This is a Project Seed event


A child is carefully constructing a blanket fort. A person pauses in their car for an extra moment in the driveway. The Ilparpa Ranges are lit up golden on a post work pilgrimage to the clay pans.

Do you remember your happy place when you were young? Nook is a new theatrical work that explores the quiet moments where we allow ourselves to regroup from the constancy of daily life.

Crafted from interviews from a wide range of participants, conducted by co-creators Abbey Bull and Heather Edmonds, Nook investigates what ‘sanctuary’ means for different people and invites the audience on a journey of discovery and reflection centring the spaces of refuge where we choose to recharge. In our busy and bustling world, this work advocates for people to take time for a breath in a place they feel most at home.

Cast: Jessie Watson and Armani Francois.

Nook will also be performed Thursday 22 September, 8pm.

FREE EVENT, no booking required.