Interplay x Desert Festival – The Edge – Community art installation

Rating: All-Ages

Venue is partially accessible

Interplay x Desert Festival – The Edge – Community art installation

Interplay Project x Desert Festival

Change has always come from the Edge

Fringe dwelling experiential spaces that bring together people and ideas to explore the heart and soul of the desert through multiple mediums and transitions

A community art installation curated by a diverse group of volunteer artists including and with guidance from Mparntwe’s Traditional Owners. Our inspiration is to celebrate the immense power that Arrernte Country gives us, and give back to it, by unifying and celebrating with the many different people that make up our colourful community. We do this by asking the questions, “What do we love about this Country?”, and “How can we give back to Country?

In recognition that many big changes in our world come from ‘the edge’, this installation is a celebration of Country through community – where community is the art!

How will The Edge feature at the Desert Festival?

The Edge installation will have a presence at the festival in several ways.

Bush huts constructed on the edge of the festival grounds will gradually grow into an interactive mosaic of community artworks created before and during the festival from recycled and reused materials.

Designed to transform your senses with fabrics, textiles and projections, the bush huts also provide safe spaces to relax, meet people, share ideas and conversations, and transform your experience of the festival through growing connections with country and community.


The Edge will also host several events including Voices from the Edge on Wednesday 27th September and From the Edge to the Centre at sunset on Saturday 30th September.

The Edge is community collaboration project by Interplay Projects and community members – Shez Cairney, Ben McIntyre, Walbira Murray, Mark De Souza, Natalia Rosas, Faron Peckham, Kirrily Jordan, Cherie Hughes, Matthew Boyd, Ez Meralda, Benjamin Mack & Fiona Webb.