Elliat Rich: between stars and quarks

Festival Hub 123 Gap Rd, Alice Springs, NT

Sculptural installation from designer Elliat Rich, with words by Jennifer Mills and sounds by Edi Donald. For 70,000 year humans understood their world through a mythological framework; a complex integration of different knowledge types, fed through observation and shared through story. 2,000 years ago some humans speared off from this world view and introduced a […]

Iltja Njtarra Art Centre: Arlpurlpa/The Time When the Flowers Come Out

Todd Mall Todd Mall, Alice Springs, NT

As the Central Desert landscape is once again a cascade of colour, a group of young emerging artists are endeavouring to capture the vibrant display of blooms native to this country. Under the guidance of senior artists Mervyn Rubuntja and Selma Coulthard from Iltja Njtarra Art Centre, a group of young artists are enthusiastically engaged […]

Artisan Trail

Back by popular demand and led by local legend Maxi Fonte, The Artisan Trail offers a rare glimpse of local creatives in their intimate abodes. Make your way around the Trail and relish the opportunity to watch an artist at work, catch demonstrations and purchase directly from the source. Check back for more updates on […]