Opening Night feat. Music // Dance // Theatre performances

Rating: All-Ages

Venue is partially accessible

This is a Project Seed event

Opening Night feat. Music // Dance // Theatre performances

Please join us at 5:30pm for the official Welcome to Arrernte Country with Kumalie Riley. 

Featured performances include:

5:45pm – Ayenge Arrweketye (I Am Woman) – Toni Lord X GUTS 

GUTS Dance and emerging Indigenous choreographer Toni-louise Lord share Ayenge Arrweketye, in Arrernte, meaning “I am Woman”. Indigenous Contemporary Dance piece, Ayenge Arrweketye, is an acknowledgement of our Ancestral Aboriginal women and an interpretation of the embodiment of Ancestors that flows through the generational strength of women.

From women who once abundantly nurtured their connections to identity, land, and culture to those who fought to keep their connections alive while entering a world that would force them to overcome adversities, to grandmothers, mothers, and daughters whose stories now influence the power of our young Indigenous women of today and into the future.

Ayenga Arrweketye is performed by GUTS Dance’s Brave Bodies participants.

6:05pm – Summer Road Trip – OUT! – Kate Emery 

A solo clown performance based on the annual Mparntwe exodus. A road trip- OUT! Using physical theatre and the art of clowning, I will take you with me on my journey to busier locations and more active Tinder options.

Together, but alone we will experience the excitement, joy, repetition and boredom of leaving Alice Springs for anywhere else!

6:30pm – Music that Moves – Dusty Feet Dance Collective – Project Seed

Music that Moves is a collaborative performance between Dusty Feet Dance Collective and the World Chamber Orchestra, featuring four dancers and a string quartet.

Set at the beautiful Olive Pink Botanic Gardens, with composers including Elena Kat-Chernin, Max Richter, Romano Crivici and Karl Jenkins, Music that Moves takes performers and audience on a journey, through music that might just move.

7:05pm – Curl Mokney – Kieran Gale 

Kieran Gale’s debut solo comedy show – the most anticipated event in Kieran’s personal calendar all year!

“Reggie, Ashford, and Bird are sure to be household names” – Kieran Gale 1 man, 3 characters, ∞ sillies.

8pm – The Sandy Straits – The Sandy Straits 

Five siblings locked away in their cult compound with only a secret stash of 60’s films and music for secret entertainment.

What could possibly go wrong? Only a hot mess of a confused yet brilliant family band with all manner of psychological problems but an undeniable devotion to the performance of 60’s music!

Fans of spy movies, Tarantino soundtracks, the Shadows, Dick Dale, Mancini and Morricone will be wetting their terry-towelling shorts. It’s totally groovy!

9pm – Golden Orb – Golden Orb 

Golden Orb are an exploratory electronic duo that combine live beats, synth melodies, electric violin and vocals to create moments of contemplation, catharsis and groove.

Enveloping curious thoughts with curious sounds, Golden Orb invites you on a journey to explore your own and other curious organisms of the universe.

10pm – Sunrunner – Sunrunner 

Join us for a captivating experience with Sunrunner, a live electronic artist whose music embodies the beauty of life, nature, and the Australian bush.

Experience the mesmerizing fusion of progressive and techno beats, hypnotic and deep, yet invitingly warm and melodic.

Sunrunner’s performance weaves his original compositions together with an array of electronic beats.